We have let accommodation to over 1300 tenants over the past 5 years and we manage several hundred rooms across our managed letting agency portfolio at Home-Share.co.uk. We have seen scores of renovations, some of which we project-managed. 

The HMO lettings market was a lot less competitive when I first started managing these types of properties in 2008. Now there is far more regulation of sector, with licensing changes and stipulation being bought into force extremely quickly. A lot has changed - there are no quick and dirty cheats into earning an HMO income anymore. Depending on the area, it can be competitive and it’s definitely become a tenant market. Landlords need to pick the right property, in the right area and renovate to the right standard.

As we are so experienced in property investment and HMO, we are regularly asked to give investment advice. It is impossible to give relevant and in-depth advice without spending time together during a detailed discovery session and workbook.

Book a Discovery Session

In order to give that tailored advice we run a discovery session. The aim of the session is to get you up to speed on everything and anything you want to know about property investment.

The first step is to establish what your goals are in order so that we can start moving in a direction that fits your attitude to risk, budget and event horizon. You will be shown and get a copy of the latest draft of the HMO Crash Guide that I am writing which is currently over 10 thousand words of useful content. We then show you our own investment area maps showing which areas that we invest in and that we recommend to our own clients. 

The calls have proved useful for the novice as well as the experienced investors. We discuss strategy types for all budgets and which areas are most appropriate, and really try to establish a strategy for you to take away. There is no obligation to use our other services at this point. 

In the Discovery Session, we will discuss with you;

  • Important investor information

  • Introduction to HMO

  • Identifying the right location and property

  • Basic legal requirements

  • Refurbishment

  • Design and furnishing

  • Letting and management 

  • Example Investment Maps

Our aim is to end the call with you feeling ready to step confidently into the HMO market. The fee for this is £247 and the call is scheduled for up to two hours. You will also take away a copy of my HMO Crash guide, which is a comprehensive ebook full of information.

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